Sunday, September 24, 2017

Monday Stuff on the Way to Other Stuff: Three? Really?!?

    So I'm curious about all things Bigfoot. And I had a birthday last week. Little did I suspect that the exact same Sasquatch birthday card would come from three people: my darling Brick, cousin Joy and friends Tom & Chris. 
    Plus another Bigfoot card. They're everywhere.
    Son #1 spent Sunday, the last day of bowhunting/muzzleloader season in Colorado, hunting up at 'Bigfoot Mountain.' (Its real name shall be forever obscured.) We're waiting to hear if he got any furry buddies -- he had an elk tag and a bear tag. 
      He didn't see or hear anything of Our Buddy on his last trip...maybe I'll luck out this time.
      Cold and blowy here -- and snowing in the mountains. We've just got rain...which is wonderful. We could have turned the heat on, but used both the electric and the real fireplaces, instead. 
     Another 10 degrees down, and at 6250 ft. elevation, we would have had snow, too.

VERY early Spode china patterns from the 1800s. And surprisingly like 1960s cups, saucers and bowls.  (From the Spode History blog)

How to freeze eggs.  Good for the next sale -- because you'll need them for holiday cooking.  (From Hundred Dollars A Month)

"I bought fake job references over the Internet...and they worked!"  I couldn't believe this story. But there are enough shenanigans in this world...I guess it could work.
      If you could live with yourself afterwards, that is.

Five ways to whiten your teeth from coffee and tea stains.  (From Groom and Style)

Six historical figures who died really weird (and sometimes brave) deaths.  (From Cracked) In keeping with that:

25 more strange deaths.  Mostly famous people -- sometimes not. (From List25)

Jerry Lewis' homeless.  At least she probably is his daughter. (DNA results say 88%.)
      No, she's not in his will. Neither are his five sons. (A sixth died years ago.) Do you see a lawsuit coming?? Either way, it's complicated.

A BUNCH of recipes using ketchup. Good ones, too.  (From Sudden Lunch)

Smoked Texas the crockpot. Our friend Mike has gotten us both hooked on this stuff. Try it without barbecue sauce; that's the way he makes it. Just add a little more water. (From AllRecipes)

Has Tori Spelling seen the light? The free-spending celebrity is spotted haggling over a yard-sale rug. (Which the news site downgraded as 'dirty.' I thought it was kinda pretty!) Granted, she'd just come out of a $1000 Halloween shopping spree at Target...

A judge releases a felon with a 12-year record of violence, especially against the police, to a drug program...he never finishes it. A month later, he's dead in a gunbattle, along with the deputy he shot, as well as two more cops. Read the full story here.   (From Blue Lives Matter)

Sean's Bar: oldest pub in Ireland, probably the oldest in Europe -- founded at the 'recent' date of c.900 AD!

An Australian man loses his inheritance...or at least most of it. This man kidnapped his own daughter and held her for ransom...then took out insurance on his parents after he found out they had terminal diseases. (Collected on it, too.) Finally, large amounts of money 'disappeared' from his accounts shortly before he argued in court that he should get a larger share of his mom's inheritance. After all, he was homeless, jobless and on disability.
    The judge didn't happen to see it that way. You'll enjoy the full -- and complicated -- story on this one. (Reminds me of the guy who murdered his parents...then threw himself on the mercy of the court because he was an orphan.)
     Feel sorry for him yet?

An interesting story of charitable deceit. In Australia, again. (Poor people.) You'll have to read this one to believe it. It is patterns like this that make me wary of large charities...with the Red Cross high on the list.

Pregnant -- but still frugal.  (From the Frugalwoods)

Hemingway's house in Key West is ok. So are the kitties. Some structural damage, but everything survived Hurricane Irma nicely. Whew.

Small spaces bench design.  This example was custom-built, but I've seen it done with an IKEA bookshelf laid on its side, as well... (From Provident Home Design)

Scooter's bad day...tick-wise.  I hope this never happens to Charley and Abs.  (From Get Me To The Country)

Eat vegetarian all week.  I don't normally eat like this, but some good ideas here.  (From Balanced Style)

Have a great week. (Yes, I'll keep you posted.)

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