Sunday, September 24, 2017

Peyton Manningisms

     Peyton Manning isn't Denver's featured Bronco anymore; he retired in 2015. That didn't stop the quarterback who followed him, Trevor Siemian, from having plenty to stay about the Great One in today's Denver Post.

He once said to Peyton, 'After a game, does the younger quarterback go up to the older quarterback? How does that work? What is the etiquette?'

Peyton's answer can be applied to all sorts of situations:

"Trevor, I'll tell you this -- when you win the game, you wait for the other quarterback to come up to you. When you lose, you go up to the other quarterback."

Another 'Mr. Omaha' comment shows the depth of this interesting man:

During the preseason, when Manning stood in full uniform with a helmet on the sideline, he was asked by a reporter why he bothers dressing when he isn't playing. With Siemian standing nearby, Manning said: 

"because I have too much respect for the guys that are on the field."

Now that's class. So is this quote:

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