Saturday, September 2, 2017

Pools and Ponds

Happy Labor Day Weekend...

It's still hot enough in the mornings and early afternoons that I enjoy imagining splashing into nice cool water...
     Okay, that's not going to happen right now. How about a little pond nearby, with fish flitting among the waterlilies?

Lucky for me, Hometalk's got the same cravings. From their 'ponds' page comes a whole boatload (ahem) of ideas, including how-tos for these:

A canoe pond!

It's easier than you might think. Position the canoe, line with watertight plastic...and fill.

Even this deck pond is pretty, using a resin barrel planter.  She brings it inside for the winter. Would the Brick be amenable to that? (Naaaahhhh....)

You can even build a pond or pool from bales of hay. 

    or a stock tank.

Ah well, it's fun to dream.

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