Friday, October 13, 2017

Signs of Autumn

...for Colorado, that is.

*Roasting chilis. About mid-September through the first of November, the green chili people from Hatch, NM, roll into town. They set up shop in a parking lot, and their barrels start heating up. That warm, spicy smell drifts everywhere...and they even have a special: buy a bushel, get one for free.
     That odor, and a plastic bag of warm, blackened chilis, is the first sign that fall is here.

*Our first snow. Which usually comes in tandem with the first freeze. It can range from Labor Day to Halloween. One year, it was August 1st; this year, it was last week.
     The mountains start to frost up regularly. Combined with aspen golds and the white, billowing clouds (Moisture! Oh boy!), it's a lovely sight.

*The Brick leaves for hunting. This year, it's with friend Tommy -- Daughter #2 and Son #1 may stop by over the weekend.
     This is an annual tradition for us...I grew up in a hunting family. In Michigan, hunting camp went up in November, not long before Thanksgiving. The women hunted along with the men -- but knocked off early to feed the kids and get supper ready. (Why didn't I go this year? Because the Brick usually goes with his daughters -- and they enjoy spoiling him. Besides, I had to work.)

Bring a (hairy) friend home for dinner, Honey...

*The race begins -- how long can we go without turning the heat on? We went quite a while this year, thanks to the woodstove, but the snowstorm was the kicker. The thermostat's off again now, and I figure I'm winning another way -- I'm still going barefoot. No heavy socks...yet!
     It not only saves on the utility bills, but makes me feel very pioneer-y. We're not the only ones who do this, by the way.

*Pumpkin stuff is EVERYWHERE. Gag a maggot. Am I the only one in the universe who likes her coffee to taste like actual coffee?!?

*Hot soup sounds good. Beef stew, too. But the Brick's real favorite is a slice of pie. (I'll have some good apple recipes coming up shortly, as well.)

peach pie...yumm

*The mice are back -- in droves.
I keep hearing rustling sounds late at night, which the dogs are conveniently ignoring. (Maybe they're snoring too loud to hear.) We have six traps out, all baited with peanut butter. Maybe they want pumpkin, instead...

*A little bit of red. Most of our fall colors are gold. If we're lucky, some orange, too.
Our single burst of color -- a burning bush (The sumac and strawberries may turn red, may not)

*You start thinking about Halloween costumes. These autumn fairies showed up last week at one of the intersections -- don't ask me why they were dressed like that so early. 

Even the baby was coated in fall leaves

* start thinking about Christmas. Why in the world, when the Halloween decorations go down -- Christmas ones go up? Even worse, they're sometimes in tandem...ewwww.

*Ideas for Halloween are everywhere... including frugal ones. (Thanks, Frugalwoods and readers, for sharing.) Strange costumes, like these freaky dog costumes. Or carved pumpkin ideas.

Roadrunner must have carved this one

Welcome, Fall.
You are very welcome.

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