Saturday, November 25, 2017

Hey Girl...Again

It's been an interesting week.

Nothing's gone exactly how I planned...but that seems to be the norm lately. At least The Mama flew in safely from Michigan; both Daughters and Son #1 showed up; the turkey turned out great (cook it fast at a high temp...and slather with butter); and we had a chance to rest. (The Brick has been crabby-sick with something, and I seem to be teetering on it.) There was some talk for a while of having to show the house the night before Thanksgiving...thank God that got cancelled. 
    Daughter #2, Son #1 and The Mama made some delicious pies, and we all gave thanks. 
    It is so warm here that you'd swear it was spring, except for bare ground and branches. The mountains have fresh snow -- we don't. 
     The Mama wants to make all her holiday goodies. No excuses about working on reports or having to take care of other business -- I must drop everything to find the sugar, get the cinnamon, and drag out the measuring cups right now. At least she's having fun fussing. 

      While she's busy watching Michigan lose to Ohio State (sigh), I have a chance to pass on the latest Hey Girl fest. Many of the ones I noticed  this time around are teacher- or writer-related. You know what a sucker I am for this, anyways.
      Anything to keep from thinking about the Wolverines' sad finish to an otherwise good game. Ryan Gosling, take me away...

We writer/editors take our grammar seriously. 

But our family likes guns...

Friend Chris is especially good at this.

Clever way to promote a yardsale!

Then, of course, there's Benedict:

Radio Times interview, 2012

It's all right, Buddy. Anyone who looks at his wife with that much love in his eyes, has my vote. 

photo from 

Handsome fades...'striking' and 'intelligent' are much more interesting!

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