Sunday, November 12, 2017

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Putting Up, Shutting Up

A whole bunch of things are finishing up right now.

Mail this batch of packages here -- put this sack of groceries away there -- and try to fit in meals and cleaning up somehow, plus a few hours a week at Tuesday Morning. The house is starting to look better, but there's a lot more to go. 

So why is it that I just want to curl up on these gray-sky afternoons, cup of Irish tea at hand, and read by the fire? 

Back to work. Meanwhile:

VETERAN'S DAY NOTE:  There's one more opportunity to celebrate this, veterans -- Golden Corral's free buffet for vets is Monday, November 13, 5-9 p.m. Go here for details.

Artists' assistants -- and theft.  It happens a lot more than you think.  (From Artnet) Also from them:

A set of Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe prints are shipped -- and arrive without the cardboard box they were originally stored in. So what happens? The dealer sues the shipper for $250,000.  (I'd love to hear the backstory on this one.)

The MERMEN calendar from Newfoundland.  Whoo hoo, guys!  I'll take a sexy man with a beard anyday...if it's the Brick.

Top Tens, credit-wise -- the best (and the worst) states for credit scores. (Hint: Minnesota is first for the best; Arkansas for the worst.)

Ten death masks of famous people. Controversial death masks, that is. Did you know that Shakespeare is thought to have had one?  (From Listverse)

"I don't want to live like I'm poor forever."  Would you, if you retired early?  (From GoCurryCracker)

25 really easy Thanksgiving desserts.  (From Taste of Home)

A tiny home -- built by a first-grade teacher and her grandparents.  (From Tiny Home Design)

A grasshopper stuck in a Van Gogh painting. Proving the artist DID paint outdoors...

Paladin Press is going out of business.  If you haven't heard of this gunslinging, sword-waving survivalist publisher...some of your male family members are bound to know. (Especially if they're interested in guns.) Prices are excellent on some hard-to-find books, including a whole section on historic weapons and combat techniques. You have until the end of November to order...maybe. Quantities are limited -- when they're gone, they're gone.

68 stocking stuffers for guys. An oldie-but-goodie from Frugal Upstate. (She's back, by the way, and posting again.)

Making cider - hard and otherwise.  (From the Frugalwoods)

The author of racial slurs (including the n-word) at the Air Force Academy? A black cadet.

An elderly woman, lost in the cold -- but found in about 25 minutes, thanks to a drone. Now THAT'S what it's supposed to be used for!

Is this really a Civil War era quilt? Your opinion is welcomed. (From Barbara Brackman's Civil War Quilts)

Have a great week.

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