Saturday, January 27, 2018

Weekend -- and Colorado's Best Travel Spots

I was starting to feel better. Rest and some quiet days at home will do that for you. I've had just enough work to keep me from being a slug -- but not so much that I was hustling from job to job. 
    This afternoon, we were headed out to Kiowa, about 45 min. away, to take photos for the Colorado haunted history book. Then the fever, aching and other symptoms started up again. Guess we'll do it next week.

Did you ever wonder what it really is like in Colorado's backcountry? A blog, Colorado Lifestyle, is sooo close to what the Brick and I have seen over our 30+ years of hiking, skiing and four-wheeling.
    Each of the dozens of posts is a trip to a different spot in our wonderful state. Sometimes they're a moderate hike, sometimes they're just a few steps from the parking lot or trailhead.

from the blog -- what you see from the Officers Gulch parking lot. Wow.

 Summer and winter destinations (sometimes for the same place) are included alike, although Sylvia Murphy, the blogger, is obviously fond of snowshoeing. Cross-country or backcountry skiers could take advantage of the same locations.

Mayflower Gulch, near Summit County. From the blog -- yes, it really does look like that.

Not only will this blog give you good ideas for now -- Colorado Lifestyle will help plan your summer jaunts, too. Mileage, directions and tips (including any fees, road conditions, etc.) are included.


Quilt Whisperer said...

One of these days I'd like to get back to Marble, CO. And I wish I had pictures from the first time I was there but that was pre-cell phone camera. All those big chunks of marble thrown down the mountain--what I vision.

Cindy Brick said...

The last time we were there, it still looked like that. Too far up in the boonies to clean things up!

Colorado's ghost towns have changed a lot over the years, though...and not usually for the better.

Thanks for writing.

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