Sunday, February 18, 2018

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Happy Birthday!

       Mr. Fever seems to have moved out, finally. His cousin The Cough is hanging around, and seems to be encouraging their mutual friend Sally Ear Infection to move in. Lots of nasal pressure, as a result. At least I'm feeling a little better. That's good -- because I've got a lot of work to do this week. 

The Brick is improving, too...just in time to celebrate his birthday this week. Usually we go somewhere swanky, or take a trip. Not this year -- we're just grateful to be reasonably upright. We'll probably have supper with the girls and Son #1, and I'll make the Brick a Sachertorte. (His request)

It's supposed to snow the next few days. [Update: just started, about 11 p.m. Sunday night.] Yet another reason to rest up, drink lots of tea, catch up on reports... and work on the book. 

And here's the way to deal with white stuff...Full bore!

Seven haunted hikes in Colorado.  (From Out There in Colorado)

Comments on former President Obama's 'official' portrait, including possible clues to what's hiding in all that greenery. Did you know that Monica Lewinsky's dress actually made an appearance (albeit a shadowy one) in Bill Clinton's official portrait?

Eight hours on a plane flight with a screaming child. For those of us who have experienced similar stuff...enjoy. Update: it's okay -- the kid has a 'disability.' Which the entire flight had to endure, thanks to his parents. Yep, no problem.

The 65-year-old who missed her cruise swam out to meet it. (She used her handbag as a floating cushion.) There's more to this wacky story than the bare headline, though.

Top-rated slow-cooker recipes, from 2-10 servings.  (Thanks, Betty Crocker)

Homemade chicken potpie -- in 30 min. or less!  (From Taste of Home)

Ten people who richly got what they deserved.  (From Listverse)

What if the government made a basic cash payment to you for two years -- just for the heck of it?  Finland's doing it for a selected group, just to see what happens. (No fair applying to move there.)

A thousand-year-old oak falls in Wales. Part of Offa's Dyke -- and an important historical marker.

One hundred-plus free quilt patterns to try.  (From Sewing Support)

Bits and bobs for February -- a lot of musing, done amusingly.  (From Hundred Dollars A Month)

100-plus years -- and still going strong.  A look at local centenarians, from the Prescott, AZ Daily Courier.

Skimming, scooping, rinsing and slanting -- a food-stretching classic from yours truly.

Have a good week. Happy Birthday, David dear. I love you.

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