Friday, February 23, 2018

Sample Box Bonanza At Amazon

Amazon Prime members, did you know that...

You can order a sample box, then get a credit for that box on regular purchases afterward? 

I'm a big fan of free stuff, especially when it applies to dog items or groceries. And Amazon's offering a particularly nice box of snacks and entrees for the canines in your life. ($11.99, free shipping...and a $11.99 credit on regular dogfood after that.)

This one, too:

Dog Food and Treat Sample Box (get an equal credit toward future purchase of select dog food and treat products)

Yes, cat food sample boxes are available. (These got particularly high scores in the reviews.)

There are also women's daily beauty sample boxes:  
      (Just one pictured -- more are available)

And a nice-looking nutritional product sampling. (Hmmm...maybe for Christmas stockings or gift baskets.)

Remember: whatever you pay, you get back as a credit to be used on general purchases in that category. Not bad.

     I'm not an Amazon Prime member yet, but have been flirting with trying their 30-day free trial. Maybe this is a good reason to go ahead with it. Regular membership is $99/yearly (or $499 for up to 10 business users), and includes free shipping, access to movies/tv series...and a bunch of other stuff.

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