Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Update to Yipe!

     Remember the very funny post I just put up, about the lady who told her husband she'd found a 'pup'... and it was really a coyote?

Here it is, just in case.

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Well, guess what -- something like this actually happened! Gail, one of my Aussie contacts, writes,

 One of my friends lived in Colorado Springs and came home one day to find a small coyote curled up in front of her living room fire. She freaked out and ended up running all over their house chasing or being chased by the animal.  Eventually her husband came home and managed to catch the poor creature before taking it to a wildlife sanctuary.

 My dear friend loves dogs and will cosy up to almost any cute looking animal.  She was rather taken aback though by this coyote and I don't think she will every forget that experience. She was just glad that her husband could round it up and take it away safely.  They had just moved into their new home on a new estate near the outskirts of Colorado Springs, so perhaps they were "invading" the local coyote community's territory.  It all ended well, thank goodness. They've retired to the North West now, up near Seattle. 

It made for a good story over wine for years to come, she says... I'll bet! 

P.S. The coyotes revisited a night or two last week. This time, their focus was on our neighbors' dogs, who were safely boxed in a wire run. They barked a lot -- about their only protection. But both dogs are still alive and kicking, so it must have helped.
     Charley acted very interested, but behaved himself and came when I called.

Why not hunt down some of the rabbits proliferating in our yards right now, you silly coyotes!

just in case you're not sure which is which...


Sheryl L Knapp said...

Any phoos or graphs about these guys as pups? How did it get into her house? A doggy door? You remember Kay and Wes Smith? They came downstairs to find a brown bear in their living room sleeping on the couch! Bear-proofing, the struggle is real!

Cindy Brick said...

Huh... a BEAR?!?

I'm guessing it came through a doggy door.

Thanks for writing, Sheryl!

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