Thursday, March 15, 2018

Wish I Was Doing This...

...but it's no use, if moving into a trailer is next on our list.

Photo from Pinterest -- I've tried to enlarge this, with no luck.  You get the general idea.

Here's a source of easy, inexpensive (well, sort of) greenhouses and seed-starters.
Many take just a little scrounging to find the proper the rotisserie chicken container used in the first photo below.

Earth Easy has a particularly interesting one: making rounded 'cloches' (hoophouses) using cedar twigs and plastic. Easy and effective.

Earth Easy photo

It even rained tonight... the first moisture we've had all month, other than some spitty snow that didn't last. (The mountains have gotten lots of white stuff -- but not down in the flatlands.)

Maybe I could at least start some greens?

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