Tuesday, May 29, 2018

It's Happened Again!

I really thought that the Sherita Dixon-Cole Incident was just a fluke, a fly in the ointment of life.

But a similar incident happened before hers, in April.

Jerrod Moultrie, a South Carolina pastor and NAACP leader, was stopped by a policeman.

Who he then accused of racial profiling, because he was in a luxury neighborhood, driving a fancy car.

Only the officer's body cam footage showed it wasn't true! Again.

No word yet on any repercussions about this incident... although there should have been.
     Maybe Shaun King could take up his cause.

Gee, maybe every police officer in the country should get body cam equipment...

I also found this interesting:  One of the largest Black Lives Matter Facebook pages was run by a white guy from Australia, whose fundraising efforts produced money -- at least some of it went straight to accounts in Australia (allegedly), instead of toward The Cause. It's shut down now.

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