Monday, June 4, 2018

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Here We Go...

Wedding, cleaning, people we go. I have a wedding cake to make and ice; The Mama (who will be visiting) will frost the cookies and cupcakes. (When I make them.)
    In one of my other lives, I was a caterer. To be able to do this for our darling Daughter #2, and our Son #1, is a great privilege -- and a pleasure. 

Hawaiians watch lava devour their homes. Sad...

When the item you bought at the yard sale has an even better story.  (From Thistlewood Farms)

Weird (and funny) yearbook quotes. 

13 ways to make money online.  I use the Swagbucks method all the time -- we earn about $120/yr this way, with no extra hassles - or, even better, our information being sold. Click here if you're curious...  (From Pennythots)

A tutorial on finishing hexagon quilt patterns. (From Badskirt)

The best present to give people you love.  A classic from yours truly, via Midlife Finance.

What do your color choices say about you? (According to them, I'm "fun." Go figure.)

Financial rules of thumb. Some good ones, too.  (From Get Rich Slowly)

Free movies Friday nights - when you live in Monument, CO. (Check your local town's events -- they may very well be hosting some, too.)

A new skeleton found in Pompeii -- under a very large rock. (Which creamed him, poor guy.) Plus the first horse found there.

A shark attack -- on a drone!

Here's one of Daughter's favorite songs...and part of the ceremony.

Have a great week.

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