Sunday, June 24, 2018

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Making Progress!

It feels so nice to be able to say that. 

Appraisals are almost completely caught up. House is still a mess, but gradually getting picked up, too. It helps that we haven't been going anywhere much. 
    The weather jumps from hot and muggy to chilly and least for Colorado. We plan to take off this week for a day at Princeton Hot Springs -- otherwise, it will just be more of same. We won't go anywhere for the Fourth; too many tourists here. We hate standing in line. (Something, I was surprised to note, that my Aussie friends didn't mind doing at all.) 


A $25 giftcard...just for filling out a 10-min health insurance survey? (The only caveat -- it can't be through an employer.) I did it -- you can, too.

Tim Conways's elephant story. Rude alert -- but this is one of the funniest outtakes ever from the Carol Burnett Show.

The little boy who gave his parents a $132,000 bill -- because they couldn't be bothered to watch him in an art gallery area in Kansas City. The brat. Ahhh, but do I mean the kid...or the parent?

Popular home dec trends that are quietly disappearing.  (From Apartment Therapy)

Ways to save -- when you have small children. And when you don't.

"Dirty is the new clean." Blame Mr. Money Mustache -- don't jump on me! (But I sort of agree with him.)

Another house story gem from Thistlewood Farms; this one's on blue and white dishes.  I started out prepared to categorize this blogger as 'just another Emily Henderson,' but she's not. Be sure to read this.

The oldest Munchkin from The Wizard of Oz died last week -- he was 98.

Free large drink at AMC theaters -- when you download the Coke app. (Thanks, Moneysaving Mom)

Travel packing tips from women who travel for work. All the time.  (From The Cut)

Five famous people who (generally) got away with huge lies.

Flourless peanut butter cookies. These are far better than you would think.  (From Thrifty Mom in Boise)

50 free state quilt blocks.  Courtesy of the American Quilter's Society.

Ever heard of a hailstorm killing fish? It happens...

The street piano in Columbia, MO, painted with a famous burr oak .  (Daughter #1 enjoys playing on a street piano in Denver, which made me notice this sort of thing.)

Thirteen celebrities who stopped (or outlasted) their school-aged bullies:

Fifteen here, too.  (There's some overlap.) Christian Bale's comment comes through loud and clear:

   "If you can face the bullying at school and come through it stronger, that is a lesson for life."

(Lisa Vanderwerff and Mary Hall, are you listening? You taught me that lesson.)

An interesting place to compare political statements with facts. And they don't focus on one side of the spectrum, or the other.  (Thanks so much, Politifacts)

A new website I've started reading! Circus Stella travels with show dogs -- and a fascinating couple who are frugal, yet fun. You might enjoy it, too.

Life After Money's Shed of the Year.  All recycled materials, built bit by bit! Video's here:

And here the author of Life After Money speaks. Yes, she can be a little forthright, but she's been living on a limited income quite successfully for many years. That's to be admired.

Have a great week.

By the way, that Irish photo the other day? BLARNEY tower, near the castle of the same name

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