Tuesday, July 3, 2018

It's The Fourth...

Happy Birthday, America! 

From ScratchandStitch.com

And if you want a more lasting piece than the 'temporary' door banner shown here...
Five patriotic quilt projects, courtesy of the American Quilter's Society. 

 I love this country, even with all its faults and quibbles. 

Proud to be an American.


jude's page said...

Happy 4th July, hope your day is a good one.

kgs in NE TX said...

Cindy, This is Kim Steelman in Paris, Texas. I was wondering if you have ever used the fusible quilt batting? And if so, which one do your recommend? My psoriasis amd psoriactic arthritis is getting so painful that pin basting is just too difficult. I have used some of the spray basting products and find them okay but hate the smell.

Thank you,

Kim Steelman

Cindy Brick said...

Thank you, Jude -- it's nice of you to remember us Americans!

Kim, I have used the fusible stuff -- but only in a small piece (for a wallhanging). It worked just fine. I have heard of others using it for larger quilts, but you must be sure to smooth it out -- make sure it's perfectly smooth -- before fusing. Most quilters use it only for smaller pieces, but I think you could make it work for a larger quilt.

An alternative to my mind would be to lay the backing out (smooth it), then the batting (ditto), THEN put little bits of fusible (like the Fine Fuse we use here at Brickworks) in strategic spots. Put the top on, smooth -- then use a medium iron to press down and fuse those little bits (and I'm talking a piece your thumbnail). That way, you aren't working with a consistent blanket of fusible -- just enough to keep things together. Then proceed to quilt or tie as desired.

Thanks, both of you, for writing.

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