Sunday, July 8, 2018

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Heating Up

Hot, hot, hot here in Colorado. I get the feeling that it's this way over most of the country right now.

The wildfires continue. A few (like the Spring Creek fire) are more contained...but still burning.
     Some arsonists are surfacing, like this guy.   These chuckleheads started the High Chateau fire by leaving a campfire unattended. (Campfires are illegal right now, by the way. Responsible people get to go without, thanks to the actions of people like these three.)

People seem on edge. (On the way home today, two guys ran red lights directly in front of us. One, we would have hit, had the Brick not been paying attention.)
All the screaming and weird accusations in the political world aren't helping matters, either. 

Are irritations and fights running higher right now, because of the weather? 
    I think so.

A pearl worth $100 million?!?  Yep, when it weighs more than 34 kg.

The fake Saudi 'prince' who was busted after nearly two decades. His failing point? Eating pork!

Twelve easy meals when 'there's nothing to eat.'  Don't miss the comments -- they're even better than the post. Includes recipes for 'Roadkill  Bread' and 'The Inmate.' Also a recipe for something taht sounds a lot like Cincinnati Chili.  (From Good Cheap Eats)

Were some of Franklin's crew really women?!?  DNA results from 24 crew members' remains collected by 20th century expeditions show 4 females. Really?!?

One word:  chafing (sigh)

The highest debt-free states... and the lowest. (Hint: Alaska citizens owe the most on credit cards. The lowest balances? Iowans. Unfortunately, the average citizen for ANY state has far too high a balance for Brick tastes.)

What it's like to travel the U.S. by RV... at least for J.D. Roth and his girlfriend. 

The Blarney Stone -- facts, history and legends. (Yes, I kissed it. The Brick took a photo -- and I made him erase it.)

The lowdown on tiny-patch pieced quilts.  (From Brackman's Material Culture)

How to profit from other peoples' 'mistakes' -- in a very tangible way.  (From Liz Weston)

Survival of the richest?? A strange article with implications worth taking seriously.  (From Medium)

Ricky Tims' ranch burned in the Spring Creek fire. I feel terrible about this. Thank God he and his partner Justin are okay.
    One of the stranger stories coming out of this area: a couple is forced to evacuate without being able to save their three horses. They finally manage to return; the corrals and barn are gone, but their house is intact. And the trio of horses is standing there, waiting for them! 

Classic Dilbert comics.

Moneysaving travel hacks.  (From Penniless Parenting)

Five endearing lost-and-found stories. Including the tale of Nigel/Morgan the parrot.  (From Cracked)

148 'bad boys' in a theater...and only two seats left. Where would YOU sit?

Nine ways to save on cross-country travel.  A classic from yours truly.

KFC copycat cole slaw?  Seriously, I could live on this stuff. It was one of the few things I craved when pregnant. Ironically, neither daughter is a big fan of cole slaw today...  (From One Hundred Dollars A Month) Also from Mavis:

Coconut almond rice pudding -- done via crockpot. Yumm...

Her Boston Baked Beans sound delicious, too. These are also via crockpot -- it's just too hot to cook much right now.

While I'm at it...

   How to make homemade yogurt.  (From The Frugal Girl) Also from her:

Is $90,000 enough to live on comfortably?  

Ten of the strangest historical finds ever discovered(From Listverse)

Photos that hit way too close for comfort.

Have a great week. Try not to melt.

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