Saturday, August 11, 2018

Hooray! Uhhh...Wait A Minute

    Patchwork is hitting fashion again this season! 

The latest issue of Oprah shows this:

Gentle Readers, you got that right. A miniskirt, stitched from a crazy quilt, is strutting down the runway, courtesy of Christian Dior.

I'm glad to see that patchwork is getting the artistic recognition it deserves. It must be...even the guy featured in a "Crazy Rich Asian" documentary is wearing a patchwork blazer. (His has comic book influences on it, too.)

Cool... oh, wait.

If you've hung around this blog at all, you probably know that I wrote a book on Crazy quilts: their history, why they became trendy... and yes, how to make one, using several different methods. 

I have a great respect for Crazies. They've survived a lot, including the killer blow of weighted silks, which made many Crazies far too fragile to survive intact.. 

Now take a look at the skirt again:

Not only is the model wearing a Crazy remnant... I'm pretty sure it's an antique Crazy.

Which means an old quilt (or top) gave up its life for this skirt. Which drives me a little nuts, anyways, particularly when it's for no good reason.

Not only that -- this skirt is bound to include weighted silks, which are apt to shred and shatter with any repeated pressure, or exposure to wind, rain, etc. 

What do you think the backside of this skirt is going to look like, once its wearer has sat down in it several times? 

It's not going to be pretty.

What a waste, Christian Dior. Show some respect for the art form. At least make up a modern Crazy-patched panels to cut the skirts from, instead! 

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