Sunday, August 5, 2018

Monday Stuff On the Way To Other Stuff: Trying Not to Be Jealous

     Friends Tommy and Chris are in Alaska right now, visiting our mutual buddies Liz and Russ. The temps are cooler, the air's clear and they've having fun.

Lots of fun.

No fair.

How come the Brick and I have to stay home and trudge through paperwork, dirty dishes and picking up stuff? Oh, right -- because he's been so sick. And we have lots of work to catch up on. And I have only a few weeks before traveling starts up again.

Welcome to adulthood. 

Vintage lunchbox recipes. (From Taste of Home) Including these old-timey favorites, Stained Glass Cookes. (The recipe calls them 'Church Window.')

What do colleges REALLY want from the students who apply?  (From Liz Weston)

Dying in New York (or at least being famous there) is going to mean something different for celebrities, their heirs -- and their estates. A complicated discussion, but intriguing.  (From The Wealth Advisor) Also interesting:

Why Leon Cooperman quit -- and closed out his hedge fund. Contrast this with the Bernie Madoff saga.

How to make pajama pants. (From the National Sewing Circle)

Hair jewelry, memorials and souvenirs. An interesting quickie history on the subject. (From Raucous Royals)

Did you know Benito Mussolini left a secret message that was only just recently found? I didn't either... but here it is.  (Cracked and Live Science)  Also:

How 13 dictators died. And it aint pretty, either.

The guy who got caught on video taunting a bison in Yellowstone? Turns out he's done this before...and not just to animals, either.
     What a jerk. (He's in jail now, by the way.)

Seven ways to save on vacations.  (From Brad's Deals)

Copycat versions of famous recipes. (From Taste of Home) Including California Kitchen's BBQ Chicken Pizza.

From the Department of "Be Sure Your Sins Will Find You Out:" that 'unsuspecting' tourist shoved by the British royal guard had been grabbing at him several times before, trying to provoke something, according to military spokesmen.

Swedish royal family crown jewels stolen! The gang got away on a motorboat...

Twelve financial strategies for people struggling to get started.  (From The Simple Dollar) Also from them:

Avoiding the trap of financially dependent children.

From the Department of "Never Too Late to Do the Right Thing:"  a former waitress returns money she stole back in the 90's.

Have a good week. Enjoy some sunshine. 

And try not to smack your friends, if they're on vacation -- and you're not.

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