Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Updates - Sort Of

Well, we're still here. 

Far too many things are still open, in progress, or waiting for action.

Far too many.

Downstairs is an echoing wasteland, waiting for friend Thommy to do his magic in a few of the rooms. He did the decorative concrete work in our main area -- he'll pour in the office and 'quilt room' to match it. He's terrific at this, by the way -- go here for more.
     Once he's done, the painting starts -- every single room. (Earlier, if we can get it.)

The dogs have had a great time 'supervising.' Now, though, they're a little nervous that they'll get left behind. So they follow even closer, tripping us up. Or they sleep in convenient spots, like the hallway.

Upstairs, boxes and piles are everywhere -- but in great part because so many drawers and cupboards are empty. (We found a bag of coffee beans, but the coffeepot and electric grinder are still missing. Update: the coffeepot is here! Found by the Brick, who went to Sam's and bought ground coffee.) We have two bowls and a handful of plates to our name -- in part because they were in the dishwasher, and the clearaway guys missed them. Still haven't located the can opener, though.

The good news: space in the freezer is growing, as I use up things inside.

The bad news: the can opener is still missing -- and the baking tins are packed. (We use foil 'sheets,' carefully folded, to bake stuff.)

    The master bedroom closet, last to be emptied, is deserted, thanks to a dozen+ bags waiting for the Vietnam Vets pickup. Going through the clothes was an archeaology dig, more than anything. I even found some forgotten outfits that fit nicely. (Lesson to self: continue to buy largely in black, tan and cream, with some accent colors plus sky blue. They all match, that way.)
     Some stashed-away Christmas presents, too, which the girlies are receiving now with some amusement. (They also got their coming-up-in-August birthday presents too...but those were wrapped.)
     I have clean underwear...but where in the world did all my t-shirts go? I've been forced to swipe some of the Brick's, instead.

Guess I should be grateful I have clean underwear on, at least. Right, cheapchick...
Ironically, I keep finding nickels while cleaning. The Brick, interestingly, comes up more often with quarters and dollar bills!

Our goal is to have everything upstairs packed by the end of Thursday -- or Friday, at the latest. (Or maybe even Saturday...sigh.) Then we can finish packing the storage trailer and clear out some donations. Friday, our clearaway guys are coming back to mow the lawn and weed-whack. (Hopefully take just a few more piles to the dumpster, as well.) God willing, we'll have painting crews upstairs and down on Monday. Then once they're done, the floor guys move in.

Target date for the house to go on the market: June 16. 

Both our real estate agent and the contractor say that if the house is 'freshened up,' as they put it, it's going to sell fast.

I hope so. God willing.

We got at least 6 inches of snow this week, maybe more. (Daughter #2 thinks they got around 8 inches in Nederland, up in the mountains.) The skies are still overcast, with an occasional spurt of rain, but the snow is mostly gone. Our poor trees got banged around, but are recovering.

And I'm tired. 

But there's more work to do.

If you're in this position, remember:


Abigail @ipickuppennies said...

Wow, that sounds like a lot of work. It's nerve-wracking to list a house, so I hope it does sell quickly! And it sounds like this was an excellent chance to declutter -- and apparently get a better feel for what clothes you actually wear.

Cindy Brick said...

You're right, Abigail -- so lots of fuss and chaos, but I can already see that life will not only be less cluttered in the future -- but maybe even a bit more peaceful.

It's amazing, how all this "stuff" can end up being a drag on you.

Thanks for writing. (I am a regular reader of yours -- and am honored you'd stop by my blog!)

Anonymous said...

I am also a reader of yours since you appraised a couple of quilt tops for me several years ago at Holly’s. Then you invited me to your home and helped me get started on hand quilting. That is actually progressing, although, very slowly I was wondering if you are moving far away? I had hoped one day to have the quilting finished and come back fir more instructions and/or advice on the border. But, that would still be a while off. Good luck with your move.

Gloria said...

I am also a reader of yours since you appraised 2 quilt tops for me at Holly’s. You invited me to bring one of them to your home so I could learn how to finish one by hand quilting it. I’ve worked on it off and on but still have a very long way to go. Are you moving out of state? I had hoped to one day finish the quilting and you said I could ask you to help me decide about how to do the border. That’s still too far off to even think about for now, though. Oh well. Good luck selling your home and with your move.

PS. I’ve been cleaning and purging so one day my kids won’t have to. It feels good to be doing that, although it’s a lot of hard work. I’m exhausted every night.

Cindy Brick said...

Hey Gloria -- I'll still be around when you're ready to quilt the border. Just not in our house in Castle Rock! We'll be in Colorado most of the year, though now the Brick (not to mention Charley and Ruby) can go with me to gigs. When we find another trailer, that is.

Thanks much for writing -- and keeping track of me. I need help that way, right now.


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