Saturday, September 21, 2019

Higher Ground Fair's Still Going Strong!

     We've been here all weekend in Laramie, WY, at the Higher Ground Fair, celebrating the joys of rural living. All sorts of people are wandering around here, eating Native American food and barbecue. A special area is just for kids, with a Jurassic theme.  

Today, after I taught class, we watched the Wind River Dancers, mostly members from the North Arapaho tribe. More on the dancers are here -- I wasn't the only one who was fascinated.

This 'jingle dress' is used for high-spirited dancing by young girls.
 (who didn't just teach a have the energy to pull it off successfully)

The light-colored embellishments are cowrie shells. This woman carried a fan of eagle plumes.

The rounded pieces? 'Bustles' that swayed with any movement.
The dancing was amazing.

Llamas have been wandering around, too.

They seem to have this superior 'looking-down-their-nose-at-silly-humans' attitude.

A wonderful quilt show is happening, in the merchants marketplace. 

The Higher Ground Fair has one more day to go. If you're within a few hours' spitting distance, this is well worth driving to. Unusual acts; music;'ll enjoy it!

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