Monday, November 11, 2019

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Turkey Dinner Day

We've been very fortunate to have all our children with us in Michigan this weekend. They're staying with Grams in the 'Big House' while we live in our trailer outside. Today was our version of That Day, since the kids won't be around for it -- their cousins stopped by, and we all feasted on roast turkey, stuffing, potatoes, pumpkin and pay-can pie. Plus guacamole, chips and another appetizer everyone loved. (You get to hear about that tomorrow.) 
     Tomorrow the 'kids' (in their 30s and early 40s, all) will set up Grams' Christmas tree for her...and we'll make a quick visit to the local thrift shop. Then they fly home. (sigh)

And no, they're not turkeys -- however often they call each other that.

How to plan, in case things go wrong -- travel-wise, that is.

Green bean casserole...with a twist.  (From Taste of Home) Also from them:

Grandma's secret last--minute holiday recipes.  Now you're talkin' my language!

Eight pajama sets to wear all winter. Cute...and not as pricey as her usual choices.  (Emily Henderson)

Actors who got fired from their own hit TV shows. (And invariably, the problem seems to have had a lot to do with them personally.)

Ten hacks who took credit for someone else's work -- and generally got away with it.  (From Listverse)  And this rather sad list:

Ten transgender facts that most people don't know. And they're not pretty.

A tale of doughnuts...and the MCC Relief Sale. If you've ever committed to group cooking, like our escapades for Senior Luncheons, or The Mama's Birthday Supper, I'm sure you'll relate. (From Jennifer Murch)

The power of a fleece.  A classic from yours truly -- that truly works.

They're back -- both the Christmas Goodies blog and the Holiday Goodies blog have started up again, featuring recipes for the holidays. Don't forget to subscribe to both!

Kathy Griffin, the poster girl for Things That I Don't Understand, decides to celebrate her 59th being photographed in her underwear.
     I rest my case.

Movie hypocrites -- a ton of them. But I think that's actually the point the directors are trying to make. (Thanks, Cracked)

Have a great week.

Happy Veteran's Day

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