Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Bought A New Quilt!

Actually, I got two. 

This one is a Ruby McKim Bible History piece -- I've got some future plans for this pattern, and this blue-and-white beauty will fit right in.

It's redwork -- but 'blue redwork,' done in the almost-teal Dutch blues so beloved in the early 20th century. Here are some block details:
Moses in the bulrushes
Daniel in the lions' den -- and a hole. Gotta fix that.
 The quilting is more elaborate than you usually see in a quilt of this type. (Often it's meant for children.) Not bad stitching, either, which is always nice.

Quilt #2 is much older -- and both sides are interesting. On one, scrappy blocks in various c.1880-1890 fabric mixes.

The front...

On the other: a cheater print! This c.1890 version looks like Baby Blocks...or at least that's one of this pattern's names. Notice that the reds in this print are not colorfast. Got some crocking going on here.

And the back...which is almost more interesting.
Up close, the crocking is even more evident.
I'm pretty sure this quilt is tied, which means I can take it apart and have two interesting tops to work with. Both quilts have some damage, but that's okay -- I didn't pay much for them.
        While I'm waiting for the Ebay packages to arrive:

Not enough money to buy pine flooring? Make your own!  (From Shabby Creek Cottage)

Dumpster diving works nicely for redecorating, if money's tight. Check out the before/after photos on this DIY profile.  Yow -- I'd like to rummage around in her neighborhood! (From Apartment Therapy)

Living in a tiny space -- more ideas for decorating. (From the Assortment Blog)

And if that isn't enough, contest winners using small living spaces. (From Apartment Therapy)

Silver dollar soccas -- these tiny chickpea pancakes look absolutely delicious. (From 101 Cookbooks)

A surprisingly easy-to-make mermaid cake for your favorite ocean-lover. The secret? A Barbie doll...and fruit leather! (From Betty, via Frugal Upstate - thanks for the heads-up.)

Seven terrifying archeological discoveries...boy, these are weird. (From

Plus the opposite -- 10 discoveries where the places they're found are strange!

 How a mom taught him frugality -- and a dad, multiple streams of income. (From Trent over at one of my favorite spots, The Simple Dollar)

"Thinking poor" can influence foolish short-term decisions. Consider the long-term implications, instead. (From Wisebread

Paying student loans off -- fast. This could certainly apply to other debts, too. (From Making Sense of Cents) 

Stop by tomorrow; I've got a bunch of updates about past events to tell you about. 
Have a good, productive week.  

Juuuust starting to show color in the high country. About a month later than usual.

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