Thursday, November 30, 2023

Good Pirates, Bad Pirates...And Internet/Mail Updates


We may have working internet in a day or two! 

    Three work guys, bless 'em, showed up a few days ago to start trenching for the fiber optic network. Head Guy said, "But you already have fiber optic!" He actually remembered doing it at our new house. 

    In other words, our new-to-be internet provider has been telling us to wait, for the past three weeks, for no reason at all.


    At any rate, the balls are now moving. They double-checked speeds today, and are saying they'll be back to check inside connections and turn on the juice tomorrow.

    It can't come any too soon, in my humble opinion. 

The Brick put in a lot of work on our new mailbox, including lettering and mounting it on a slab. Next comes digging, putting in the post -- and screwing the mailbox in place. 

So we may soon have mail delivery, as well.

   Wonders never cease.

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Monday (er, Tuesday) Stuff on the Way to Other Stuff: Please Sir, May I Have Some Internet?

 We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with our kids. (Hope you enjoyed yourself, too.) A storm was brewing in Colorado, but didn't turn out too bad; another one is headed our way on Thursday. 

    Week #3 just finished, without a reliable internet source -- and we don't always have enough bars on the phone to do even simple tasks. (Like posting this blog.) Jade, the big company around here, said we'd have fiber optic trenched in 'within 3-5 weeks.' Well, we're waiting. Meanwhile, I work on reports I can't send, which is also frustrating. 

Patience, God. Teach us patience.  Meanwhile:

Working from a coffee shop here might be an option -- if one was nearby. Which it isn't.  (Hey Mavis, I can relate.

Where's the stadium? Michigan fans pack the playing field after Michigan beats Ohio State. (Poor old Buckeyes.) On to the Big Ten Championship Game on Saturday against Iowa. GO BLUE!

Charlie Munger died. Fans of Warren Buffett will quickly recognize this name. (He was 99.) His money rules are simple -- and effective. 

This makeup hack is supposed to 'erase' your double chin. Did it work?

'Sweet penny treats' candy to make for the holidays.  (From Little House Living)

Hazelnut marzipan truffles...5 ingredients, majorly delicious candy!

A 300-year-old painting stolen by an American GI in WWII finally goes home to Germany.

The artist Banksy's real name. This has been speculated for years! And more on him...was his name deliberately kept quiet, so his work would cost more?

A frugal (and scruffy) trailer park groundskeeper bequeaths $3.8 million to his small NH town. Yow!! Fort Garland, do you have anyone like that living here? According to his sister:

'He always told me that his main goal in life was to make sure that nobody noticed anything,' she said, adding that he'd say 'or you might get into trouble.'

Tips for hosting a more frugal holiday meal.  (From One Hundred Dollars A Month)

Tips for airplane travel. 

Have a good week. 

Monday, November 20, 2023

Things I Don't Understand: Thanksgiving Turkey-fied

      Holidays are always a bit odd in this department. But you might enjoy a silly look at one of our most treasured holidays -- whether or not turkey's on the menu this year. (Uncle Cal might act like one, instead.)

You're not serving chipmunks, are you??

        The Mama had this happen to her, on the way to Daughter #2 and Son #1's wedding. She was holding the wedding cake...and ended up wearing a good share of the frosting. (Sorry, Mom.)

Turkey... for me? Thanks, Mom!!

And finally:

Monday Stuff on the Way to Other Stuff: Thanksgiving Approacheth

      It's snowing while I write this -- been doing it on and off all day. The mountains have pulled their blankets up to their chins, and only show themselves occasionally. The flirts. 

     The fifth-wheel is winterized now. It's still parked outside the front door, while we get the rest of the things out of it. But everything freezable will be transferred to the house by tomorrow, and the heat turned off. Which is a relief. 

     We still don't have internet we can count on. Hotspots via the phones are working... sort of. But when it gets really cloudy, we basically have nothing. Frustrating -- particularly because I can't access photos from the Cloud for reports. We've waited two weeks for fiber optic -- hopefully it won't be much longer. 

     Like many of you, we'll be spending a good share of this week with our family -- not just our kids, but friends who've become our family, too. How I wish The Mama and my dad could have seen this house -- they would have loved the view. My grandma, too. 

Even earlier this year!

 It's also a time to think about the Fullers, an ancestor couple who came on the Mayflower -- and died the first winter. Fortunately, their sons survived. A good friend proudly remembers her ancestor, William Brewster, during this month, as well. 


The workhouse that may well have inspired Oliver Twist: Charles Dickens' family lived just down the street from it. 

'Browser' the cat keeps his job at a Texas library -- and the councilman who tried to get rid of him loses his, instead!

A Jack Russell terrier named Finney guards her master's body for three months in the Colorado mountains. She's nearly recovered from her ordeal. Brave dog!

'I know that she was with Rich to the very end and somehow that should be a comfort. I don’t know how she did it, but she was there when he needed her,' said Holby. [his wife]

Back in October - rescuers who had come to collect Moore's body were able to coax loyal Finney away from his remains with a can of dog food - after loyally sticking by for three months.

The gaunt dog, who had dropped to around six pounds, was still wearing her purple collar with 'Finney' written on the tag, but the personnel said that she was so skinny it was drooping off of her neck.

Finney, who had most likely had to fend off other wildlife during the 72 days and nights alone in the mountains, had long scars on her nose.

Poor puppy -- glad she's doing better.

The family known for their famous Christmas lights display -- now we know how they could afford it. They've been squatters for years!  This is a wacky one -- be sure to read it.

"My husband, the conman."  Fascinating.

A blanket, watch and first-class menu from the Titanic -- sold at auction for staggering prices.

A financial checklist for year's end.  Time to start thinking about this...and prepare for next year.

Stealing art -- while on a cruise??  (The couple was arrested, by the way, thanks to photos on his Facebook page. Stupid, stupid.)

A library book, a century overdue, just returned to the library.  Well, it's about time...

The Supreme Court REJECTS Chauvin's appeal for his conviction in the George Floyd trial. 

The 'Bleu Royal' diamond sold for nearly $44 million.  Just a pittance.  It was appraised beforehand at up to $50 million. What's $5 million less between friends...

A Wyoming man is acquitted of road rage, using the "stand your ground" rule. (You've got to read this one.)

A delicious mustard vinaigrette dressing -- via Ina Garten. 

Sooo... was the 'violent pro-Palestinian protest' at the Capitol anything like Jan. 6?

How to reduce your 'widow's penalty' -- you may ending up paying more tax on less income, unless you take some steps beforehand. P.S. Applies to widowers, too.  (From Liz Weston)

Nine (or more) people who cracked 'unbreakable' codes. Including the Voynich Manuscript! Also interesting:

Rare (and fascinating) artifacts, including one of two authentic Jolly Roger pirate flags in existence.

A three-guild quilt show at DIA! If you're traveling through Denver's airport, be sure to stop and view the 'Perfect Patchwork' exhibit.

Easy chicken nuggets -- the spices work on broiled chicken, too. Pair it with a copycat recipe for Wendy's Chili.

Insanely cool drone photos. Including this one of Niagara Falls:

Is there a Regal Theater in your neighborhood? $5 holiday movies all through the holidays...naturally.

This is a weird one -- killed by a robot after being mistaken for a box of paprika. 

The first Christmas tree. A wistful (and affirming) memory by Donna Freedman.

Two very creepy military sightings of a UFO referred to as "The Red Square."

US Presidents with strange hobbies.

Getting your boyfriend's name tattooed on your forehead? Really??

Funny "I don't work here" stories.

Indiana Jones' original shirt -- found in a charity shop, but now selling on Ebay. The current bid: 78,000 pounds. Yow!

Easy recipes for college students -- and us.

Decorate your balcony! Some nice budget ideas here, too.

A pastor gets stuck out in the Wyoming wilderness -- and lives through it. Learns from the experience, too.

'Nearly forgotten' Thanksgiving recipes. (Well, not really...but interesting, just the same. 

Fall pie recipes that don't require a pie pan. 

Have a good week. If you celebrate -- enjoy your Thanksgiving.

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