Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Chick Report...and Other Updates

We now have 13 new personalities peeping away in the library downstairs:

Let me introduce you to:
1 Black Australorp  (the same breed as the black hens we have now)
1 Mallorca (the tall black one in the back)
4 Rhode Island Reds  (we have two of those, too -- the third one got taken by a hawk/eagle/owl, and ended up in the neighbor's yard next block over))
7 'Cherry Eggers'

The 'Eggers,' according to the feedstore guy, and the girl I talked to, say that they're especially popular here locally. They can not only handle the cold...and lay eggs more consistently during the winter. And their eggs are brown ones, almost a dark red mahogany.

     OOH.  I'm a sucker for a good description. 

The chickies are in a clear plastic bin, topped with wire fencing. (They're already trying to fly out, the stinkers.) The heat lamp's on, and they've got a thick layer of shavings to dig in, poop in...and kick out their food crumbles into. Not to mention dragging them (shavings, poop, crumbles, etc.)  into the water, as well. These are not tidy individuals.

Not that the grownups care.

They're busy staying in the coop, because...


Yes, sirree. Welcome to Colorado.

We're supposed to get up to THREE FEET of the white stuff before it moves on late Friday. (We've got about 3" on the ground now, with more coming down.) My poor plants are covered up...hopefully they'll live. 
     This will leave quickly -- it always does -- but it's still a little unsettling. 

     Wonder what the chicks would do if they jumped into snow, with their dainty little feet?

In your dreams, Missy!

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