Monday, May 4, 2015

Monday Stuff on the Way to Other Stuff: HOME

Got back early this morning from Michigan, after driving all night through a series of flashy thunderstorms. Lighting crashed on each side, lighting up the road...and if I looked, then I couldn't see the night items. If I stopped, then the driving rain made it almost impossible to see -- if I kept going, most of the time I could outrun what was happening. 
    The Mama also mentioned I'd traveled through an area with tornadoes. I'm not surprised. 

Got home to stopped-up toilets and sinks -- apparently we have a backflow problem with the sewage and gray water output. I'm not surprised at this one, either -- the Brick has had this happen several times while I've been gone on other trips.
     Why? I've no idea.

At any rate, it's lovely to be home -- and staying for a while.

BTW:  This week's Monday Stuff is a little thin -- staying at the Mama's means I can't access the Internet much. (She thinks it's a waste of time, and crabs if I take much time on it.) It will be more substantial next week.

Catching a crook -- and making sure he doesn't do it again. Wish we could do this with every mischarge we've had. (And there have been several.) From Money Beagle.

Kentucky Bourbon Bacon Chex Mix.  Bacon, bourbon, pecans and crunchiness -- what's not to love? 

19 one-liners on parenthood. Like this one: "88% of parenting is saying 'it's bedtime' 150 times between 8:00 and 9:00 every night."

Gourmet herb butters -- for steak and other meat -- you can make. (From It's All Connected)

A beautiful fruit tart -- use it for decor, then eat it for dessert! (From Pennies and Pancakes)

Frugal snacks -- from yours truly via Midlife Finance. From the same site:
    Important facts from the student loan forgiveness program.

Have a great week, while I start to catch up again. 

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