Thursday, February 14, 2008


A few inches on the ground...more expected. The first storm we've had for more than a week. Strange, compared to last winter, where we had snowstorms every few days. And really strange, compared to Michigan, which has had huge storms for the past month.

Our Denver forecasters, bless their li'l hearts, predicted a dry winter with little white stuff. We've had a little more than the norm -- and our neighbors to the south have been INUNDATED. So much for predictions! Actually, I believe more in the 5-7/7 theory, which Colorado weather seems to follow... we often have 5-7 snowy/wet years (well, wet for us out here in the 'high desert' plains and mountains) that are followed by 5-7 dry ones. Last year was Blizzard City. And some years before that, we had big storms and lots of bare ground in between.

So hopefully this is the start of lots of moisture to come. Maybe I can grow some decent tomatoes this year!

CRAZY QUILTS keeps on chugging. The day before its 'official' publication (Feb. 15), my editor said it has sold just a few dozen short of 2,000 copies -- whoo hoo!

I am so grateful.

Want your own copy? We're still offering these as a nice pre-pub special: $23.95, and that includes free shipping. (The book normally retails for $29.95.) Hard cover, 160 pages, dozens & dozens of color and b&w illustrations. Plus not only a good long look at Crazy history and related styles (the first since the 1984 book, sadly long out of print) -- but a big section on how to make a Crazy, several different ways!

Take a look at the Brickworks website:

Now on to finish up some appraisal reports, do some ironing...and dinner for Dave. Baked potato, a steak (now marinating in balsamic vinegar, best olive oil and garlic). Stir fry vegetables -- and for dessert, a huge heart-shaped sugar cookie for my favorite Valentine. Who gave me a lovely flowering peach/yellow streaked rosebush. What a guy.

Happy Valentine's Day to YOU, friend.

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