Monday, February 11, 2008

Winter, winter, winter

Ok, it's Monday.

And the sun is shining...sort of. It's actually dreary by Colorado standards. But compared to week before last in Michigan, when I briefly saw blue sky on Tuesday -- and that was about it for the week -- it's wonderful here.

I am tired. The nasty cold I brought home from Michigan is still hanging around. Piles of stuff are still everywhere (though diminishing). And it's still winter. Chunky gray ice in the driveway, great for tripping over and dropping things.

On the plus side, I am finally beginning to make progress...and we have sold a ton of CRAZY QUILTS books.

Musn't grumble, as the Brits say.

Here's an interesting comparison look at the candidates' finances:

Although if things are starting to sound over-rehearsed this early in the game, what's Life in Politics going to be like, come September?

And two frugal sites that are interesting -- and wonderful at times, too.
(The best for frugal decorating ideas that look like a million bucks)
(Sometimes a bit too ascetic, but considering the piles of STUFF I clamber over, it would be refreshing to be dealing with bare floors sometimes)

And back to work for me.

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Jeanne said...

hi Cindy,
I try to write on your email address , but The message is going back to me, it is bounced. I do not know why.

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