Thursday, May 8, 2008


I grew up in Michigan, where rainy days were the norm. Here in Colorado, it rains so infrequently that drizzly gray all-day nasties are greeted with joy. People come in from the wet, shaking the raindrops off, big grins on their faces and saying "Boy, is it raining out there!"

This didn't happen in Michigan.

For the past week, we've had these huge thunderstorms come slamming through. They hang sullenly on the mountains for a while, then ZZOOOM, they're overhead, lightning cracking. The boys run for cover, Buck whimpering like crazy. (He's actually broken three windows in his zeal to get inside -- that's what a 125-pound Weimaraner will do when motivated properly.)

I was doing appraisals, so didn't realize what was happening until Buck barked. Then they were in, the rain slashing down...and all was forgiven.

Now the storm is past and everything seems to be smiling. I put all the house plants outside for a drink and some sunshine...they'll probably stay out now for the summer.

One problem about this up-and-coming warm weather is that I don't like to carry my purse, and will just stuff my wallet into a jacket pocket. But twice now, I've gone out without jacket -- and no wallet! This blogger has the same problem:

Hopefully, you're a lot less absentminded than yours truly. Can I remember the prominent colors for 1850s textiles? Sure...but I'm not always certain where my car keys are.

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