Sunday, September 6, 2009

Holiday Weekend

Almost Frugal, one of my favorite bloggers, has an interesting set of links today, from loaning money to a friend (don't!), to paying your credit cards when times are tough. Another comment: reducing your wardrobe, so it takes less space, saves money on replacements, and is less stress. I started thinking harder about doing this, when realizing I was wearing the same 25 or 30 items over and over. But:
*Buying them higher-quality (used or new, doesn't matter) means they last longer and look better.
*Keeping them clean and in good repair means they're ready for the next wearing.
*Replacing items means I stick to a color scheme that lets everything go together. In my case, that generally means tan, cream, blue (periwinkle, light blue, robin's egg), sage green and black.

Shoes are harder. It's hard to find good brands (and condition) at thrift shops. I spent the most on two pairs of cowboy boots -- one hand-stitched (and the most striking), the other basic. I wear these over and over and over -- they, along with a pair of green flipflops and some workshoes, were my summer wear. And the boots, along with two pairsof Swedish clogs ($1.00 each at a garage sale!) will be winter wear.

Husband has spent most of the weekend watching football. I defrosted the freezer (to get ready for the upcoming pig) and built up a new garden bed. (It gets planted with kale and spinach after a fresh wheelbarrowload of dirt gets added tomorrow.) The beans are bearing like crazy -- no frost yet, but it's not far off. Watched some football, too -- enough to see Michigan win its first game, and Colorado's Buffaloes lose to Colorado State. Sigh. Tomorrow is a Rockies game with friends -- then back to work.

Hope your holiday is going fine.


Sue Cahill said...

What good thoughts about clothes, I tend to wear the same items over and over because they are comfortable. I have business wear for the office, work from home clothes and weekend clothes. I try to stay with the same colors, black, tan navy and then pinks and some other pastels, I am not trendy so I can find some bargains, but I do need to do some amjor cleaning out of my closets. That's a job I avoid.

Hope you had a lovely Labor Day.

Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

Allison Ann Aller said...

Personally, I would like to have a "habit", like the nuns do, and never have to think about clothing again!

Melisa @ Sweet Home said...

I recently donated all of my "work" wardrobe to a local organization that helps low income women dress appropriately for job hunting. I decided after 4 years, I will most likely never go back to the corporate world of work and the clothes were just taking up space. Now I have just my basic summer and basic winter clothes to worry about, and a LOT more closet space!

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