Thursday, September 3, 2009

More Weird Stuff

More stuff from the "Department of Weird:"

*The president of Zambia banned monkeys from the State House after one peed on him during a news conference. ("At least they got relocated instead of executed," somebody commented.)

*Silt, CO has a new statue, which takes the whole 'bottoms up' thing wayyyy past weird. The town's newest sculpture shows a rock climber working his way up a chimney route. Sounds fine, doesn't it? Oh...forgot to mention. Said rock climber has no attire! (A real climber, though they keep clothing to a minimum because of movement and stress, would at least protect the Jewels -- they wouldn't feel so good scraped up.)

From the article:
"Seven miles down the road to the west, the city of Rifle last summer unveiled its new sculptured rendition of a cattle drive in the middle of its two new roundabouts between I-70 and Airport Road.The sculptures include anatomically correct cattle with bull testicles and cow teats.'We haven't had any complaints — not a word,' Mayor Keith Lambert joked. 'I guess we're just an easier, happy-go-lucky crowd.' As far as Silt's sculpture, in which the rock climber's backside faces Rifle, there are other theories.

“The word on the street is that Silt is mooning Rifle,' Lambert said with a laugh. 'So you can only guess what they're doing to Glenwood [Springs].' "

And finally, a very cool way to make a wallet from a cereal box. (Wonder if this would work with heavy fabric, or tablecloth plastic?)

Hey, only the highest-class info on this website. Enjoy!


Melisa @ Sweet Home said...

I love reading this quirky stuff on your blog! Some of it just makes me shake my head, and sometimes I have an "ah-ha" moment!

Allison Ann Aller said...

My son's GF is so totally into this kind of craft. I sent her the link and she will love it...thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love this strange stuff!!

Sue Cahill said...

Tahnks for the informative blog entry - actually the laughs you are giving me are great. I could use a bit of humor right now and this is a strange world we live in.

Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

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