Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Vacation: Who Needs It?

Well, apparently I did -- because when I got here, the 'ol bod just let down.

I've been sleeping much more, and not having any problem just sitting for periods. Teetering on the edge of flu -- but so far, I feel myself getting stronger, not weaker.

Mom definitely needed me to come. Life has been really difficult for her lately -- after all, live with and love someone for 48-plus years, and when they go, it's going to be tough for her.

I'm proud of her gutsy attempts to keep going. I really am. But I'm also happy I can be of help by showing up once in a while.

Here's an interesting post on never washing your hair again. Thought I might try it -- at least once in a while.

And the QUILTS OF THE GOLDEN WEST books are here! Want one? Leave a comment, and we'll contact you!

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