Thursday, October 22, 2009

Frugal Luxuries

I love this thread from J.D. at Get Rich Slowly:

What makes you feel rich, while still being frugal?

For me, it's:

*Buying Good Stuff cheap or on sale -- like imported lebkuchen, curry paste (especially nasi goreng, an Indonesian spicy mix that's absolutely addictive), quality chocolate and coffee, Japanese rice crackers, etc. I rely on Cost Plus World Market, sales on Amazon (more of these than you would think in the grocery area), Trader Joe's and Andy's Discount Market, a scratch-and-dent grocery near my mom's house in Michigan. The latter has had everything from rice vinegar to imported chocolates, lobster bisque and canned crabmeat at rock-bottom prices.

*Sitting out on our deck, with the petals from our blooming rosebush drifting around. $15 for the (very large) copper container, 35 bucks for the rosebush, which I plan to replant in the spring. Worth every penny. (Yes, it's under snow at present.)

*Finding quality items at the thrift shop -- like a lambswool sweater, or a leather jacket. Or yesterday's find, 7 blue/green-trimmed glass goblets. (The 8th must have broken.) As a bonus, they were giving away day-old bread.... upscale, artisan brand baguettes, french bread and bagels. Yum.

*Finishing a big job -- or a nasty one I've been putting off. Then taking an hour to read in a snug chair, fur throw over the legs and a cup of steaming British tea nearby, while the snow falls outside.

So what's yours?

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Tracey McBride said...

Hi Cindy,

Your philosophy is one very dear to my own heart! It's always been my belief that true luxury is defined by the individual. For some, it's diamonds and champagne, for others, it's a down comforter on a cold night and crisp, juicy apples plucked from the tree.

Tracey McBride

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