Friday, September 10, 2010

The End is In Sight


Only minutes after I'd typed the last post, Dr. Carson (the doctor who'd first seen Dave in the emergency room) stopped by, and asked if Husband would like to go home tomorrow.

Would he!?!

Klebsiella oxytoca, the nasty "hospital" bug that I'd come to think of as the secondary infection, actually caused all the trouble all along. Husband picked it up somewhere -- possibly weeks ago, when he first started struggling with stomach pain. (No way to tell, since there were no tests done then.) K.O. literally did that -- somehow escaped from Dave's digestive system, and proliferated in his blood. This sepsis, or infection, spread like crazy throughout Dave's body, concentrating on his liver and slamming him into the hospital for a week. The good doctor confirmed what I'd suspected when we first hit the emergency room -- they had seen people not recover from a fast-moving infection like this, and were worried for Dave.

So, unless his liver 'bad numbers' skyrocket, it's home for the Bricks tomorrow morning. Although today's procedure pointed out nothing amiss, the specialist did clear out and dilate those troublesome ducts...which should also help with future stomach issues.

I have every confidence that the God of Creation knows and allows events in our lives, both good and bad, which help shape and guide us in wisdom. Why in the world did Dave get so sick this time, of all? Why couldn't I make that teaching trip to Washington? Why this incredible expense? (Our deductible is huge. But at least we have insurance...) Why??
     Can we trust Him, that this week happened for our greater good? 
     We must.

So it's one more uncomfortable night on the chair, and one nasty night for the Brick, with tubes and yet more blood samples. (They want to be sure.) But it will not be for much longer.

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Kris said...

Thank God! (literally)

In our family, we have a tradition of celebrating "didn't die" days - the day someone faced a life-threatening event and survived. You will now always remember Sept 10 as the day Dave didn't die. Put it on your calendar and celebrate it next year:-))