Monday, December 6, 2010

Charley Le Chien

A back post, while I'm still in Panama...

    You may have been wondering how Charley, our new ball 'o fire, is doing.

According to him...or us?

Actually, on most counts, he's been wonderful -- friendly and loving. He loves to doze off snuggled against Husband's chair, paw outstretched against his leg in a sort-of "hey, how's it rolling" gesture.

     Buck, our Weimie boss-in-residence, tolerates and even occasionally welcomes his presence. (Especially when it's cold.) For his part, Charley waits to let Buck go first, and obviously enjoys his company on jaunts outside.

    I'm writing all this to remind myself that, by and large, Charley's been a wonderful dog. It's a help, considering he just pulled a whole batch of freshly-watched clothes off the line, and gleefully trampled all over them.
   "HEY, MOM!!! Thanks for the new toys...and they smell like you and Dad!"
    I'll give him a chance to mend his ways. After, that is, I clean up the bits of paper, plus the latest mangled pen, from his chewing episode this morning. He especially loves pens.

 Charley in front, ready for mayhem -- and Buck, zonked out, snoozing in back

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