Thursday, October 6, 2011


The wind has been roaring around the house all day, bringing in a storm -- and a freeze. Daughter #2 said it's been snowing at her cabin in the mountains. I wouldn't be surprised if we got some this weekend, too.
    I went out and stripped the garden -- the squash must have had 20 little guys on the vine, and still valiantly trying to produce. (Hopefully they are not conspiring with the mint to throw us off the property.) Total count on squash: approx. 20 big ones, and 30 little ones. All this from four plants!
    I also got a third of a colander of green beans in various sizes. Chopped them and the little squash up, dumped them in boiling water to blanch, then quickly drained them. Packed in quart bags for the freezer, they'll make a nice addition to vegetable soups this winter.
    Must have done a little too much, though, because the fever's back again. I need to get this flu under control before teaching next week. A good friend brought over a kettle of chicken soup, with celery, onion, carrot and a surprising punch of fresh basil. We've been living on it for the past few days while I try to rest up between chores.
     Comfort food sounds so good, while it's this blowsy. This blogger has some great ideas. I'm also a big fan of chuck steak or round steak, sliced and a can of mushroom soup added, along with a can of milk or water. (Wine's good, too.) Add any veggies you want (like squash!) and cook on low in  your crockpot for 5-8 hours. Delicious with mashed potatoes.

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