Friday, November 2, 2012

Rayons That Cut Like Butter...And Sew Like A Dream

I'm here to tell you about a new company Brickworks has just started ordering from:

It's called Batik Butik.

This company sells hand-batiked rayons from Asia. Normally, when I use the "r" word, I'm thinking of something a bit flimsy. It drapes nice, but it also moves around a lot when you use it in a quilt -- probably a Crazy quilt, because layering is the only way to handle this type of fabric. Right?

    Well, these rayons are way different -- still that wonderful drape and feel, but substantial and firm-woven enough that you can actually use them for traditional patchwork, as well!
     I've been sewing with them for a while now, and am impressed at how easy they are to cut, as well as stitch. You'll like them too, not only for Crazy quilts or an unusual dress, but for mixing in with your other fabrics. The heavier-weight rayons are not only excellent for suit-type clothing, but make wonderful borders.
     (Warning: the company hasn't paid me a cent to endorse their fabrics -- but they did give me some scraps and some fabric cuts to make a few samples, and let my students experiment. I'm saying this because they truly are some of the best rayons I've ever worked with.) 

     Some of the fabrics are below. Take a look at the company website, and you'll find scarf kits, patterns for use and ideas, and some incredible designs. Also a link that shows you the batiking process. Zowee!

A huge fan of this one...looks so much like fall leaves, with a touch of purple. The Mama plans to make me a dress of this.

One of the cleanest, clearest reds I've seen yet.

 Love this blue-green one...boy, does it cut nicely!

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