Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Monday afternoon, I started to feel strange -- was it just tiredness, from schlepping the girlies home, and getting Dad's Third Birthday Supper ready?
     Maybe it was the upcoming storm. (Yes, we got another -- only 6" or so this time.)
Nope -- it was flu.

I spent yesterday feeling miserable, bundling up some business stuff and watching the snow come down.  Have Gun Will Travel was playing pretty much all afternoon. (Paladin just knows how to comfort. What a guy -- and some of the quirkier episodes are written by Gene Roddenberry of Star Trek fame.) How many Sixties tv shows can hold their own, after decades have passed? Not many -- but this is one.

After a long rest this morning, I feel some better. The fever and general achiness are down, but not gone yet. More snow clouds loom on the horizon. What's next? Maybe chicken soup...and more Paladin.

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