Saturday, August 9, 2014

What Could You Do with a Pallet?

It's difficult for me to drive by a dumpster, see a wooden pallet leaning up against it...and not stop to grab one. (Or more, if I'm lucky.) Maybe they originally held products, like electronics, appliances, even motorcycles. But now I'm nutso for these wooden foundations. Why? Because they're the start to so many interesting projects.

At first, I was just interested because  pallets are generally free. And we were looking for firewood. Then I used a few to make a compost bin. Hmmm...

Funky Junk Interiors got me started down the primrose path, by showing her amazing farm table desk. All made from pallets.

(She also has a weekly 'upcycling' DIY ideas party that often includes pallet projects.)

One of my other inspirations is Road Kill Rescue. Their posts feature all sorts of reworked projects, but the pages and pages of pallet-related items are fascinating. Like this wonderful antique-looking clock, courtesy of Designed Decor.

 Or a reclaimed wood fireplace surround from I Think We Could Be Friends. Wow.

Here's what's on my mind right now: a narrow grow-box that will span the edge of our concrete deck. Georgia Pellagrini did a similar project with purchased lumber.

I feel quite certain I can get this look with pallet lumber. We'd have to make more than one box, anyways,  to span the length of the deck.

This might well be my fall project...that is, after I get back from Cheyenne. I'm headed there Tuesday to judge the Cheyenne Heritage Quilters' annual show, then appraise for a few days. I've been going there for years -- and have never failed to be amazed at what these spirited Western quilters come up with. If you're in the area, stop by. You'll be pleased!

Work first...then play.

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