Wednesday, January 21, 2015

California, Here I Am!

Left for Road to California this was snowing like crazy in Castle Rock.

We spent a half-hour being de-iced, then had a bumpy farewell to remember Colorado by. Ironically, it was just as bumpy, coming into Ontario. (Lots of fog.)

The show starts tomorrow. I took a nap, got the handouts ready for class...and went to a teachers' reception. Lots of names and faces I've heard and admired before.

On to class tomorrow: Easy Embellishments for Memory Quilts. Crazies will be a small part of it...but more about my work for the Quilter's Newsletter Channel. Like this:

Stop by and say hi. I'll have had more sleep. (Only got a few hours last night.) I miss the Brick, too -- he stayed home to mind the office and the dogs.
     And chickens.

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