Friday, February 13, 2015

Be My Valentine?

Getting ready to go away with the Brick for a few days... he is more apt than I am to spend money, and he made the arrangements. So we're headed to a Hampton Inn to luxuriate in fancy pillows, hot breakfast and movies viewed at all hours of the night.  (Our staffer will stay over to watch the dogs and chickens.)

     Bear in mind that in Hollander terms, this is big-time splurging. If it had been me making the reservations, we probably would have ended up in a Motel 6. Which is just fine for me -- but the sheets do tend to be a bit scratchy.
     The Brick only spent a few bucks more per day to book us into luxury. I keep reminding myself of that. (Oh, and we won't have to shell out extra for breakfast or evening snacks, either.)

We'll also head to Glenwood Springs for some hot springs soaking. Colorado's Western Slope is full of hot springs spots. If you have any aches and pains, these take care of matters -- pronto.

So as far as Valentine's Day tonight goes, it will be pretty minimal. A steak by the fireside, a glass of wine, a few chocolates out of his fancy heart (sshh, don't tell)...a movie. We usually watch one on Friday nights -- I'm hoping for Moonstruck. Soooo romantic.

     I know. Valentine's Day is tomorrow. But romance for the Brick means driving in the backcountry for hours, scouting for deer or elk. (Did I say that the Hampton Inn is in Rifle?) And we both hate standing in line at restaurants. It's bound to be crowded at the fahncy places. (Did I say I hate to spend that money?)

     It's okay -- I love being with him, wherever we go. 

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Cindy Brick said...

That went well...not only got to see Moonstruck (with minimal grousing), but Romancing the Stone, as well! RTS is the perfect writer's movie...

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