Friday, April 3, 2015

What's Next?!?

Weather, make up your mind!

We had freezing rain and snow yesterday -- woke up to ice on the windshield, and a lovely snow scene. The Rockies, modestly covered in white nightgowns, sat up to breakfast against a piercing blue sky.

Except it's April.

And we're supposed to be having flowers and grass, doggone it.

It's a fitting time for it to happen, too, on Good Friday, when we commemorate Christ's death on the Cross.

Ah well.  The sun's out, and our latest blizzard will soon be a strange memory.

I shoveled up a couple of "sandwich" garden beds this week, adding a thick "meaty" layer of chicken coop droppings between dirt-and-newspaper "bread." Didn't plant them yet, though. (Deadlines...and knowing that the snow was on its way.) Hopefully I can put in peas and spinach this weekend.

If you're also thinking 'garden,' it might be a good time to consider making a compost bin. You'll find 23 ideas here, some easy, some not. But all worth thinking about.

The only other thing that's happening around here: we just gobbled our way through 'TURN,' a fascinating AMC series on George Washington's spies during the Revolutionary War. (You can watch some here -- AMC is getting ready to post the 2-hour intro to Season Two in a few weeks.)

     Netflix posted an entire season of TURN. That was the good news -- we could binge-watch without having to put up with commercials. The bad news: we finished the final one last night. And we don't subscribe to cable, which means we wait until Season Two hits the internet.

So now what? Guess it's back to Battlestar Galactica -- and waiting for spring to come to stay.

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