Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Are You Near Conroe, Texas?

Ever heard of the Golden Needles Quilt Guild? 

I'd love to have you stop by the guild meeting I'll be at -- Thursday, June 18, 6 p.m. at the Conroe Bible Church in Conroe, TX.  I'll be doing a lecture on "Quilts of the Bible." 

This star pattern was also called "Star of the East" and "Bethlehem Star"

We'll be making this 'Hole in the Barn Door' pattern, too -- it 'kept evil spirits away' from Pennsylvania Dutch barns!

Yes, it's about Biblical faith -- but it's also about our history! For many people, the Bible opened the door to their ability to read and write. (The Good Book was often the only, or one of the few books in an average family's library.)

I plan to talk about literacy -- and evolution -- and cultural events. Oh yes, and S-E-X.

Come join me.

Friday the 19th, I'll be teaching a class on how to mix and match fabrics and colors for effective scrap quilts -- plus I'm slipping in a chapter of my thoughts on Memory Quilts. Go here for a taste:

and don't mind the goofy appearance. I was tired that day...

Would love to have you visit then, too. Just contact me via e-mail  or phone (720-849-7105 or cindyjbrick@gmail.com)


Trish Acreman said...

I loved your class! Thank you so much for visting our Guild. I learned so much and am not nearly as afraid of trying new things after Saturday.

Barbara said...

You look lovely on the video!! Thanks for your tips on making our quilts look good from all perspectives. . I like the sample quilt blocks at the start of this post. Love, love, love the scrappy look because I always have scraps to use up (don't we all?!!!).

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