Friday, June 12, 2015

Lies of Color - And Honor

From the Department of "So THAT's What She Meant:"

Rachel Dolezal, the head of a prominent NAACP chapter in Spokane, Washington, has been categorizing herself as Black. African-American. She has been active in Black groups, has an extensive African art collection, and has been teaching classes on related culture and history.
    When she said on Facebook that her father was coming to visit, she combined that announcement with a photo of herself standing next to an older Black gentleman.

Only -- oopsie -- it turns out she doesn't have any African-American blood running around in her veins at all.

Or so say her parents. 

When asked about this by a reporter, who just 'happened' to have a photo of her real father, Dolezal couldn't get away fast enough. (Here's the full interview -- go down to the video at the bottom of this post, if you want to cut to the chase.)

She has adopted siblings who are Black. Her mom says she's shown interest in multicultural subjects ever since she was young: "She was always interested in ethnicity and diversity."  Rachel wears hairstyles and clothing that have a distinctive African-American yuppie/ethnic bent. (And does it well.)
    She's been doing a good job at appearing to be what she claims to be, too.

But she's Caucasian by birth.

Specifically Czech, Swedish, German...with a little Native American thrown in.

(Her Montana birth certificate backs up her parents' assertions. Granted, they say they've been estranged from her for years, and the allegations include claims of abuse.)

The NAACP chapter says she doesn't have to be Black to be their president. They're downplaying the whole thing.

And they're right. Who cares about racial identity in that respect? Bloodlines have nothing to do with wisdom and intelligence, charisma and the ability to communicate.

They're sprinting past the main issue here:


Why would she hesitate to lie in other areas and subjects, if she felt it a worthwhile cause?

Here's the problem with that: INTEGRITY. 

Shame, girl. Shame.

UPDATE:  After a very silly defense by Al Sharpton -- who insists it's all the folks' fault -- Dolezal has resigned.

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