Sunday, June 12, 2016

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

That's because, in this kind of weather, you get to sweat everything, instead. Boy, is it hot here. The exception are thunderstorms...which often arrive, accompanied by hail and tornadoes. 
     The Brick has the swamp cooler going full blast, which is a help. We drink a lot of iced tea, and have been watching the BBC "Raffles" series, about a British thief who's 'almost' ethical. (He tends to steal because England or cricketers have been insulted. I can't explain it -- you'll have to check it out for yourself.) Why does that make life cooler? Because it's often foggy or raining for Raffles. And that makes our living room seem a bit more bearable, at least. (So do the thunderstorms, for that matter.)
    The good news: I got a big chunk of weeding done, and a new section of the garden planted. (turnip greens, shallots, climbing purple beans, pumpkins and squash) The beans, cucumbers and more squash are already popping up! (It seemed a little silly to be shouting this to the Brick -- but there you go.)
    The chickens are unaffected by this muggy weather -- except their watering pan gets low more quickly than ever. They're starting to molt, though, which means they eat just as much -- and produce fewer eggs. The stinkers. Charley and Abs find a cool spot, and pant a lot.  
    And it's only June?!?
    Hopefully you'll enjoy these 'cool' links. 

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I'm headed to the Pine Needles Quilt Guild in Wrightwood, CA this week!  If you're in the neighborhood, I'd love it if you stopped by. The lecture (on Crazies) is Tuesday night, and the class (on how to make a Crazy -- several different ways) is Wednesday. Lots of history, trinkets...and great quilts.
     Go here for more info.  There are still some open spots in class, I'm told.

Detail of President's Quilt made for Lorrie Havens by guild members

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An update on the weekend attack at a Florida gay bar. Horrendous.

Did you know that VISA cards have a concierge service? I didn't, either. Check out this guy's experience, asking for everything from "big tubs of cheese" to space travel. (From Four Hour Workweek)

A German grocery store chain with cat "shoppers." Very funny ones, too.

A trip to New York -- including a Broadway show, the Flower District and defeating the "scary subway." Which turned out not to be that bad, at all. (From Funky Junk Interiors)

What would you do, if $4.6 million was wrongly transferred to your bank account? Here's what Christine Jiaxin Lee did.  (And it looks like she may have gotten away with it, too, since it wasn't her mistake. We'll see.)

Adult cherry limeade. Yum. (From Who Needs A Cape?)

They come a'running... ours do, too. (From Chicken Blog) While you're at it, check out this:

Live hen cam. (Yes, I am easily amused.)

Rainbow Cauliflower Rice Bowl. (From 101 Cookbooks)

Rainbow Cauliflower Rice Bowl

Healthy General Tso's Chicken -- the recipe, plus a video if you need it. Sweet and salty, here I come!

Ten lower-calorie late night snacks.  Recipes, plus additional links.

Dr. Phil: "I've been homeless." Did you know that?

A no-news day. If you need a break, this is a great peaceful post to read. (From Our New Life in the Country)

Traveling with kids -- successes and failures. LOTS of good advice here. (Okay, some of it assumes you also have lots of money. But helpful, nonetheless. From Emily Henderson)

"I don't care about late-night tv." An interesting interview from David Letterman. (Apparently when that door closed, it CLOSED.)

23 weird things that washed up on a beach. (An easy way to watch slideshows like these -- don't click on 'next.' Instead, go up to the listing, click near the number, and change it to the next one. It's a lot faster, and you don't accidentally click on silly advertisements.)

What Leonardo diCaprio, Paris Hilton and other celebs were like in school.

And off to the races. Have a great week.

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