Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Primaries--and Darryl Glenn

Colorado's primary election is tomorrow.
     Surely I can't be the only person in America who is irritated when I'm told who the 'winners' are in American political races before I've even had the chance to vote. Because of the time difference, Western states go through this every national election. Winners sometimes give victory speeches even before the polls close here. (Californians and others, an hour behind us, have it even worse.)

     Several times, this was NOT the case. Like Truman's candid, after his presidential race:

Who was that Dewey guy, anyways?? (smirk)

     Perhaps Donald Trump won't be the Republican candidate for president. Perhaps Hillary Clinton won't be the Democratic candidate -- because she'll be indicted, and deservedly so. (Daughter #1 believes this is going to happen anyways, either before, during or after Hillary's flirtation with the White House.) 

     It would just be nice to have voting be an action that actually means something. Not just a foregone conclusion.

     The Brick actually saw this happen, when he was a member of Colorado's Republican state delegate meeting a few months ago. The accepted 'candidates' of The Machine had already made their speeches, flags and signs waving, when a single person walked to the podium and gave a speech. He wasn't surrounded by toadies, didn't have an expensive suit on, and didn't make airy promises -- he just talked. 

    According to the Brick, this man not only made sense, he made good sense. And although Dave had never heard of him before, he voted for him.
    So did the guy next to him.
    And, I'm assuming, the woman next to him. Because against all odds, this man is on the current ballot as the primary Republican candidate. (There are others listed -- but the Brick tells me these former darlings of The Machine are all write-ins.) 
    The candidate for Senator that I'm talking about? Yes, it's

Darryl Glenn.

He's given both the Brick and myself hope that there are still real people out there who care about our state and its future. If you're voting in Colorado's primary, I urge you to consider voting for this man.


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Have a great week. 

"If you grow up thinking that government, or the man, is keeping you down, then you're already putting up an artificial ceiling."
— Darryl Glenn

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Barbara said...

Commenting here on 6/29/16. So pleased to see what you wrote about Darrell Glenn. We voted for him and are so happy to see this morning that he won!!

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