Thursday, May 4, 2017

Keeping On Keeping On

    I would love to say that everything is hunkydory here...

Well, it is. Sort of. 

I am staying ahead of the appraising (barely), but need to put in hours to finish up two restoration jobs. (On the plus side, they're turning out beautifully. I'm very pleased.)

Son #1 has been hard at work in the guest bathroom, putting in tile. He got the first section of decorative tile in, above the subway tile he'd already done -- then turned around and chipped one of the tiles in the inside row. That meant pulling a whole row off, replacing the tile and doing it again. Why is it that the fixes often take longer than the actual work?

The Brick is driving four days this week. He says -- and he's right -- there are only 9 more school days in Colorado, so why not get as much work in as possible before the summer drought. The only problem -- we are still both a bit shaky from the last batch of flu. He comes home looking a little gray in the face, and exhausted.

Meanwhile, the dogs follow around whoever's in the vicinity, hoping for a scratch and a snack. They do a lot of snoozing, too.

Son #1 and Daughter #2 are now fighting off the same flu that got us down. Fortunately, they seem to be winning -- but they run out of steam, as well. The nice part: they've both been staying here the past few days, so I get to fuss over them. And make them soup.

Meals are on the table. Things are being put away...well, except for the guest bathroom goodies, which are piled in the hall. (Okay, there are other piles, too.)

"Housekeeping? Ha..."

This too will pass. I know it will. Meanwhile, we keep on.

(We got more snow yesterday, by the way, but it melted quickly. Back to sunshine now.)

Back to work. Have yourself a good weekend.

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