Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Another Stolen Valor Incident - This One Caught on Tape

Boy, this really frosts my shorts.

Yet ANOTHER man has been caught wearing a uniform and awards that he didn't earn in the military. 'Stolen valor,' it's called. This guy, saying he was an Army Ranger, was apparently doing it partly to get discounts on Black Friday in the Philly area. Fortunately, he was targeted by a true veteran, Ryan Berk, who taped the conversation.

What's especially interesting -- Mr. Yetman pled guilty in 2003 to impersonating a police officer. Equal Opportunity offender, I guess.

Charges are being considered.

The Brick spent 6 years in the Navy. His father was career Navy; his brothers career Navy and career Air Force.
    My dad did his stint in Germany in the Army. And we both have uncles and cousins who were also in the military.
    It is not an easy job...and leaves marks on you. These people earn every bit of respect for their hard work and sacrifices.

Shame on Mr. Yetman, whose girlfriend is now boo-hooing about how he's lost his job, had a nervous breakdown and is Really Depressed, etc etc. Thank God there are people willing to shut these fakes down. 

Sadly, this fakery has happened before. And it will happen again. 

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