Sunday, November 19, 2017

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Thanksgiving and Poldark

     We just finished watching Poldark, Season 3. 
A lot of my friends love the Outlander series, in film and book. I tried both -- a little too farfetched for my taste. Poldark still has my vote for costuming, dramatic action and genuine heartbreak. Cornwall's beautiful, too.
     It's not a perfect series. Now and then, I want to smack both Ross Poldark and his wife Demelza for taking each other too much for granted. They also will believe practically anyone's secondhand reports, rather than ASKING each other for the truth. 
      Not that I would ever do this to the Brick....

The Mama is arriving early this week, to spend some time -- and Thanksgiving -- with us. The turkey's slowly thawing -- potatoes, mushrooms and other goodies are in hand (and bought on sale). We'll start making pies after she gets here.

     Update on the check fiasco:  It's been two weeks, and Priority Choice Marketing's check still hasn't arrived. Nor have I heard a thing from any police department...promises, promises.

Finalists from the "It's Amazing Out There" photo contest, sponsored by the Weather Channel.

Christmas plans.  (From Frugal in Lincolnshire)

Living in a tent, car and then a sailboat!  (From Budgets Are Sexy)

Ten creatures eaten alive.  The more baby mice people eat, the happier I'll be.  (From Listverse)

Head over to 'Frugal Mom in Boise's' Facebook page, for 50 different thumbprint cookie recipes. Just in time for the holidays... I just have to make these raspberry almond thumbprintscourtesy of Sally's Baking Addiction.

Ten ways to add to your life -- when you don't have a penny to spare.  (Thanks, Prudent Homemaker)

"Pretend you can do it."  Then you can!   (From Money Beagle)

What if you were wrong back then...and what have you learned from it, now you're older? Words of wisdom from J.D. Roth's Foldedspace.

When the computer's recording -- but you don't know it. A very funny 'geezers' video from years ago, out of yours truly's archives.

Feeding A Family of Five for Under $100 a Month.  Really!  (From the Fundamental Home)

A look back at the (wonderful) applique heritage of Elly SienkiewiczOur grasp on Baltimore Album history is forever indebted to her. (From Material Culture -- Elly's last name, btw, is pronounced "sink-ev-vich." Or close to that.)

Ten real-life tales of castaways.  Including the woman from Island of the Blue Dolphins.  (Thanks, Listverse)

Cats loving up and protecting 'their' babies.  An amazing video compilation.

How to make the most of your Thanksgiving turkey.  (From Hundred Dollars A Month)

Living in El Valle, Panama, on less than $1300 a month. The Brick and I stayed here during our Panama trip, and liked it very much.

An EIGHT BILLION DOLLAR jury verdict? Yow. This one's a little complicated...

A 10-year bet comes to fruition: hedge funds versus a basic index fund. Guess who made more profit? (I'll give you a hint: Warren Buffett was right.)

Sasquatch on Lake Superior: a documentary heavy on creepy music, but some interesting accounts. (One of my old college friends lives in the U.P., and says that they periodically hear screaming in the woods, late at night in the summer. According to her, the neighbors say it's Sasquatch. I said, "Record it, next time it wakes you up!"

A guy sends breakup messages in random texts to strangers...and gets some interesting responses! (Don't miss the one from 'Mittens.')

If you enjoy learning more about photos -- and famous photographers -- don't miss out on Attila Volgyi's blog. It's in English, translated from his other blog. (And, he says, more posts are in progress.) This Hungarian photojournalist has a keen eye for detail; I particularly enjoyed his series of posts on Robert Capa, the award-winning photographer who survived WWII, including landing on Omaha Beach -- but was killed by stepping on a landmine during the Vietnam conflict.

Enjoy your week...Happy Thanksgiving.

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