Friday, April 11, 2008

Winter...spring. Spring...winter.

Late yesterday, after about a foot of snow earlier in the day, the air was warming and the snow melting into lakes of moisture. Unlike the rest of the country, we hardly ever see standing water -- it's that dry around here. In fact, we rarely have rain at all: maybe once a month, if we're lucky. Rainy days are a celebration. People come sputtering in, flinging off the raindrops and grinning -- they won't have to water!

So, it's spring in Colorado...right?

This morning, the puddles were frozen over. And in spite of a brief flirtation by the sun, we're back to gray skies, blowing and snowing. The mountains are socked in completely -- no doubt they're REALLY getting nailed. Down here on the flatlands, we're just seeing those hard bits of snow, driven by an icy wind.

Will it ever change? Well, based on recent experience, it won't be long. People around here say, 'Don't like snow, rain, ice, sun/whatever? It's Colorado -- just wait a bit, and it will change.'

Did you know:

Colorado is one of the lightning strike capitals of the world?

That we often get snow -- but rarely a batch that actually sticks for a long time? (Last winter was the big exception.)

That ski operators are thrilled when it snows on a televised Broncos game -- because that means they're going to get lots of reservations? (In fact, there's a big joke around here that it snows BECAUSE the Broncos are being televised. Hey, bear with us -- now that Jason Elam has been released, we don't have much to look forward to for next season. We've got to talk about SOMETHING.)

Well, back to work -- ironing, the last of the reports (yay!), and preparing for a cozy weekend, doing taxes.

Oh, goody.

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