Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Back from Brazil!

...and boy, am I tired.

More than 700 e-mails were waiting...some phone calls needed to be returned...and I had to hustle to get some things done at the last minute. Putting out fires isn't fun, but it's necessary.

I comforted myself by buying a bunch of potentilla plants from Wallymart -- discounted at $4.50 each, at least in Colorado, and a steal by perennial standards. They'll go in the ground I happily dug around in this evening.

The business is resting some right now -- it always does right around this time of year. Most people aren't thinking much about quilting, knitting or crochet. But give it a month -- they will! There are enough orders to keep a few of us busy, and let other staffers take some time off.

They're probably digging in their gardens, too.

I want to post some on the Brazil Amazon trip, which was amazing: hard, easy, exciting, boring, sweaty, breezy -- practically everything rolled into one. I'm so glad we went.

Until I can, though, you can access what our boat leader, Boyd, thought about us and the trip -- look for references to the 'Colorado group.'


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